Hawaii Broadband Initiative

Aloha! Welcome to the State of Hawaii's official Internet speed test website.

We invite you to participate in the Hawaii Broadband Initiative.  This initiative was launched by Governor Neil Abercrombie on August 23, 2011 with the goal of providing affordable, ultra high-speed Internet access for all of Hawaii's citizens.

You can help by taking our speed test.  The data we collect on wired and wireless Internet speeds will assist us in identifying and closing gaps in service throughout the State.

To participate, click on the link below to check your Internet speed.

As we work towards our goal, please take the test repeatedly and from different locations and using different devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.  The more locations and services tested, the better able we will be to map existing coverage at each point in time and to identify those areas in need of better access to broadband service.

Thank you for your participation.

Thank you for being a part of the Hawaii Broadband Initiative. If you have further questions about the Hawaii Broadband Initiative, please visit Hawaii Broadband Initiative or email us at broadband@dcca.hawaii.gov.



* Charges could be imposed depending on your data plan for wired or wireless access.


Information collected from you will be kept confidential, and only aggregate figures at the state and jurisdictional level will be presented. Participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to take a broadband Internet speed test. You may discontinue your participation at any time. Again, if you choose to participate, the results of the survey will be kept confidential. Any questions can be directed to the Hawaii Broadband Map Project team at broadband@dcca.hawaii.gov.

More Detailed Information About Our Speed Test:

Speed testing is not an exact science and individual results can vary based on time of day, network congestion, various events occurring on the network, etc. Therefore, having as many speed test observations as possible will enable us to get a clearer picture of the Internet speeds we are experiencing in Hawaii subject to the variations we are anticipating. As such, we encourage you to take this speed test more than once.  Detailed records will not be disclosed or published. 

The speed tests taken on this site are directed to a specific server in Texas and utilize the Ookla system for measurement. This ensures all tests include data travel to the mainland and more importantly, ensures consistency in our testing. Use of public speed test sites such as www.speedtest.net sometimes perform load balancing and other optimizing techniques based on Internet traffic. It is impossible to maintain testing consistency when load balancing techniques are used.  To ensure accurate results, please enable cookies prior to starting the speed test.  This speed test requires both Adobe Flash Player and Java Plug-In to function.