Connecting Hawaii's Islands

"Broadband matters because broadband communications have become the great economic engine of our time. Broadband deployment drives opportunities for business, education, and healthcare. It provides widespread access to information that can change the way we communicate with one another and improve the quality of our lives. This is why our discussion today is not about pipes and providers. It is about people; our citizens stand to gain the most from universal broadband adoption. By some estimates, universal broadband adoption would add $500 billion to the U.S. economy and create more than a million new jobs. … Add to this hundreds of millions of dollars in savings through e-government and telemedicine initiatives and untold riches we can reap by tapping the genius of web-based entrepreneurs in every corner of this country. The case for better broadband is clear." Senator Daniel K. Inouye

In 2010, the State of Hawaii's Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) was awarded a grant to assist the State in gathering and verifying data on the availability, speed, location, and technology type of broadband services. The data collected and compiled will also be used to develop publicly available state-wide broadband maps and to inform the comprehensive, interactive, and searchable broadband map. Consumers in the State of Hawaii can access the interactive online map to identify the availability, speed and location of broadband services in the State of Hawaii. In addition, consumers can help improve the data by testing their broadband connection. To facilitate the Hawaii Broadband Map Initiative, DCCA has teamed with University of Hawaii’s Pacific Disaster Center.

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